Dunwoody Press’s Shanghai Dialect: An Introduction to Speaking the Contemporary Language

I bought Dunwoody Press’s Shanghai Dialect: An Introduction to Speaking the Contemporary Language ($59 + $12 audio) a while back and the casettes were dead, so they replaced them with CDs that are good condition. (NOTE: this post was originally posted in 2008 and it seems in the meantime that Dunwoody is gone)

I briefly looked through the book and it’s got 4 columns across two pages:

Authors transcription system – English – Shanghainese characters (Simplified) – IPA

The following page has a gloss for the meanings of words and few grammatical notes and supplementary vocabulary.

The units are made up of 2 dialogs and the topics of the units are listed below (with supplementary vocab topic in parenthesis):

Unit 01: Greetings (personal pronouns)
Unit 02: Asking someone's name (common surnames)
Unit 03: Talking about Language (countries and continents)
Unit 04: Talking about home (family)
Unit 05: Asking an address (in the house)
Unit 06: Asking about objects (weather)
Unit 07: Asking the date and the time (time)
Unit 08: Making a phone call (education)
Unit 09: In the shop 1 (fruits and vegetables)
Unit 10: In the shop 2 (clothes)
Unit 11: In the restaurant (eating)
Unit 12: Asking the way (the city)
Unit 13: On the bus (vehicles)
Unit 14: Having a haircut (shops)
Unit 15: Seeing a doctor (health)
Unit 16: At the laundry (colours)
Unit 17: At the foreign language bookshop (publishing)
Unit 18: In the post office (writing)
Unit 19: At the library (measure words)
Unit 20: At the photographer's (photography)
Unit 21: Touring (animals)
Unit 22: Watching television (Radio)
Unit 23: Seeing a Beijing Opera (sport)
Unit 24: Seeing a movie (Film)
Unit 25: Going away on a trip (more chinese provinces and cities)
Unit 26: Buying a train ticket (place words)
Unit 27: Talking about study (more adjectives)
Unit 28: Packing (society)
Unit 29: Seeing someone off at the airport (directional complements)
Word Index (in phonetic order 上海話 -> English

I will make more comments on the audio once I have a chance to listen to it.

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